Hospitals Assessment

A typical assessment for a client responsible for constructing or upgrading a healthcare facility  may include  these steps.

  • Long-term and short-term Measurement of existing noise levels. (Knowing this allows us to offer design advice on adequate glazing to stop noise break-in to buildings).
  • Predictive computer modelling of the sound insulation offered by the architects proposed separating walls and floors. This tells us if the partitions are up to the standard required.
  • Assessment of the reverberation time and speech intelligibility in proposed rooms to test compliance with HTM08-01 criteria.
  • Recommendations to improve standards to those prescribed or better.
  • A free helpline whilst work is underway and, where necessary, a site inspection.
  • Documentation of all of the above to a standard which is acceptable to your local authority and/or your BREEAM Assessor
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