Residential Planning Assessment

This demonstration shows work we would typically undertake in an environmental noise and vibration assessment for  Residential Planning.

  • Long-term and/or short-term monitoring of existing noise and/or vibration levels in the area. This monitoring allows us to assess the existing noise and vibration environment into which the development will go.
  • Once we know the levels of the existing noise sources we can construct a computer model which includes both the noise sources and the future residential development. The model can them predict the likely noise levels at all locations.
  • Using the results of the computer modelling, we assess whether noise levels are likely to be excessive by comparing them with criteria levels given in relevant guidance.
  • If necessary, we would make recommendations to reduce noise and vibration to acceptable levels. Examples include relocation of buildings, construction of noise barriers, double glazing and mechanical ventilation on noisy facades.
  • We would document all our work and recommendations in a report which you can submit as part of your planning application.
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