Construction Noise and Vibration

Typically the following may be required for a client who needs to control noise and vibration during the construction phase.

  • We would assess your plans, schedule of works and the equipment that may be used during construction.
  • We would build a computer model using a topograpgical model of the site. The equipment to be used would be placed into the model as sound sources. This allows us to estimate the noise at your neighbours under worst-case conditions.
  • The noise modelling tells us how noisy it is at your neighbours. We can determine whether it is likely to be regarded as excessive with reference to standards such as British Standard BS 5228 World Health Organisation Guidance.
  • Based on this assessment, it may be appropriate for us to recommend that measures to reduce noise emissions such as barriers and enclosures.
  • We would document all our work to a standard required by local authorities, but also compreehensible to your suppliers who may required to meet noise conditions on the equipment they supply to you.
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