For Local Authorities

Amongst the services we can offer here

  • Peer review of other acousticians work. We have carried out this type of work for several local authorities in the UK over the last few years and can supply references for our work.
  • Expert witness. We have acted as expert witnesses on several occasions in recent years, providing a professional, independent service necessary for legal proceedings.

For  the Renewables Sector

We have extensive experience working in this sector including the following (references can be supplied)

  • Environmental noise assessments for wind turbines
  • Environmental noise assessments for biomass and gasification power station developments
  • Environmental and workplace noise assessments for recycling facilities
  • Environmental and workplace noise assessments for water treatment facilities.

For  the Offshore  Sector

We have recent experience in carrying out the following

  • Workplace noise assessments and Noise Contriol Engineering on North Sea Floating Production, Storgae and Offloading (FPSO) vessels.

Machine and Engine Noise

  • The consultancy was founded by two Engineers from Perkins Engines who had gained extensive experience working on noise and vibration issues related to engines. We have continued to gather experience in this field and are able to offer expert consultancy in engines and their applications, including Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH) expertise, Design & Development Testing of engines and vehicles and noise control methodologies both during the design phase of the endine / application or palliative treatments following production intent vehicles.

Research and Development

We have consulted in recent years on a wide range of projects including the following.

  • New desktop software to accompany new noise and vibration instrumentation.
  • The development of noise and vibration meters
  • The development of specialist noise enclosures for engines
  • Development of a new dodecahedronal speaker
Please contact us for your specialist acoustical requirements.