Building Acoustics

The most common reason that we are contracted to offer Design Advice on Buildings is because our clients wish to comply with Document E (2010) Regulations on Sound Insulation for residential properties. Most importantly they wish to ensure that the Design is good enough to ensure that the separating partitions between the dwellings pass the sound insulation tests which are mandatory for many new-build and all converted properties.

We are, however, expert and experienced not just in this area, but in all areas of building acoustics and have a significant experience working with clients who require Acoustic Design Advice for a whole host of reasons including hotel design, new & refurbished school design, office construction, residential housing design & layout, prison design and studio / auditoria specification. Amongst clients we have recently offered advice to are:

    •  A Church Hall in which acoustics were so bad that attendees at coffee mornings had to shout to be heard.
    •  A Restaurant which had the same problem following a renovation and in which business was suffering significantly.
    •  An Office in which confidential conversations in management offices were being overheard by occupants of the neighbouring rooms
    • A School Hall where multi-disciplined activities were required
    • An Hotel where initial specification of partition walls and floors were being scrutinised